Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Make Forehead And Frown Lines Go Away: Use Facial Massaging On The Brow And Between The Eyes

Forehead wrinkles and lines can age men and women considerably. So here are some facial yoga exercises for the brow to remove and get rid of these pesky wrinkles!

Take some before and after photos and put them side-by-side after 30 days of trying these facial yoga exercises - and be amazed at how much the wrinkles have subsided.

Q: Will  the yoga face massaging of acupressure energy points really work?
A: Yes. The reasoning is that it encourages blood supply to the underlying muscle groups, tissue, and skin. It widens the energy channels in the face, head, and neck. Actually, it's advantageous to the harmony of the entire body.

Q: How fast does one see results from these face workouts?
A:  Right away. Even later the same day of beginning the program. After a few days of daily exercising of at least 1 minute on each spot, you and others will become aware of a softening of lines and the firming of hanging skin. You may also see renewed color returning to your face.

Q: How often must I practice the treatments in Wendy Wilken's facial yoga program?
A: Daily for the first 30 days, 2-3 times per week thereafter for maintenance.

Q: Are the effects of these facial workouts enduring?
A: Yes. Much like exercise, you have to carry out the routines regularly to continue the benefits. A few minutes weekly of upkeep, or when you feel it's required after the initial thirty  days.

Q: Will I obtain the best results after the first 30 days?
A: In general, yes. Again, it depends upon the dedication of the individual. When you believe that you have obtained the desired look, begin decreasing it to an upkeep level of a few times a week if you're short on time. You can still perform the acupressure workouts daily if you so wish, but we also propose giving it a rest now and again to allow the tissue to straighten out.

Q: Does this facial toning terminate sun impairment and liver spots?
A: No, but it can lessen them to some degree. If you begin the system as early as you can in life, it is likely that it will decrease the odds of them forming on your face or neck in the first place.

Q: Can it help folks in their latter years?
A: Absolutely. Nevertheless, the earlier you start the better. You might have to execute the facial workouts more often, but the outcome will be well worth it.

Q: Is this face exercise system fitting for males?
A: Men, women, teens - all will benefit, young and mature. The pressure points are always in the same locality.

Q: Will the yoga facial workouts minimize acne scars?
A: To an extent they can work, but remember scars are scars. The underlying muscle will expand thus lessening the deepness of the acne scars a bit, and consequently making them less pronounced.

Q: How easy is it to find  the pressure points?
A: Every one of the energy points are plainly demonstrated in the black and white photos in Facelift Without Surgery. Each point has a narration which describes its location, action required, and benefits. You may refer to a sample under the "EXAMPLE FROM BOOK" page on the website to understand how the points are presented. After once or twice, you will be able to find them with your eyes shut! It's going to become 2nd nature to you. You'll be able to effortlessly do the rubbing regimens relaxing in front of the TV, if you want.

Q: How early in life may I institute this face fitness technique?
A: The earlier, the better. The proverb "prevention is better than cure" describes it perfectly!

Q: If I've had cosmetic surgery previously, will the non-surgical facelift system help me?
A: Sure, however it might take a bit longer to see an improvement since the scarring and small incisions might impede the energy supply to your face, neck, and head.

Q: Does this facial workout program involve the pulling or stretching of skin, or making bizarre expressions?
A: No. Facelift Without Surgery is a facial toning system, not an isometrics system. Wendy Wilken's e-book employs principles of acupressure, massage, and face muscle toning - performed with the fingers.

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